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Professional and sport fishing

Professional and sport fishing: it deals with all the items needed for professional fishing (nylon, hooks, etc.), together with everything that can be used for trolling, bolentino, vertical jig, fishing with live-offers a range Vastissima of artificial lures such as rapala, yo-zuri duel, yamashita, alongside nylon and multifibre threads of the best brands such as "sufix, duel, yozuri, mustad, ace"; Offers a wide selection of manual and electric reels and reels for the use of monel and multifibre; It deals with specific light-weight trawls, high-speed trawls, vertical jigs, bolentino, surf casting, legering and fishing in English, Bolognese, spinning. - distributes live bait.

The wide choice of products on sale combines the experience of preparing and assembling terminals by a fisherman descending from fishermen and lover of the sea and nature and all that can bring to it to live it with passion and excellent results.

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